Our History

From our humble beginnings in the basement of
an office building, a dedicated team had the vision,
passion and ingenuity to make Pinnacle
a great place to Work!


Pinnacle is registered in Sterling Virginia and starts a business with 8 employees in the basement storage room of a commercial building. With commitment, dedication, and unstoppable drive, Pinnacle obtained three customers in the flooring department.


Pinnacle’s force grows to 40 associates. Paint and Residential Divisions are introduced to the market. New space is leased, and a proper office is built out. State of the art training center to accommodate 30 people is built to train new hires.


The research and Development department is developed to study other divisions in the construction process. Pinnacle’s force now grows to 65 associates. Drywall Division is now introduced to the market. Pinnacle team members now participate in Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives such as Habitat for Humanity, Blood Drive, and Beautification Campaign.


Pinnacle now grows to 95 associates with 35% being females. Pinnacle’s R&D team also adds Residential Roofing, Residential Flooring, Glass & Glazing, Commercial Millwork, Stone and Slab and Division 8 & 10, Rendering and CAD as part of the services offered. New customer service offices are opened in North Carolina and Dallas, Texas along with the headquarters in Northern Virginia.


With 120 associates, Pinnacle continues to expand its operations and customer base during this unfortunate Pandemic COVID 19. Customers believed in our value proposition and Pinnacle did its part in helping some of our customers by lowering our fees and giving payment terms for a short period of time. Pinnacle successfully offers Flooring, Paint, Drywall, Millwork, Division 8&10, Glass and Glazing, Residential Roofing, Residential Flooring, Rendering, and CAD. Along with extensive training, each member of Pinnacle is required to take a minimum of nine online training programs to further enhance their skills. These courses are offered by universities such as Harvard and MIT through the EdX program.


Pinnacle proudly announces the release of its inaugural CSR and Sustainability report, aligning with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. This comprehensive document reflects our commitment to fostering positive impact and responsible business practices, marking a milestone in our journey towards a sustainable future.


Pinnacle joyfully commemorates a decade of success on our 10th-year anniversary. Embracing a steadfast commitment to expansion, we proudly enhance our services, clientele, and team, propelling our journey forward with unwavering momentum. Here’s to a decade of achievements and the exciting prospects ahead!